Bigfoot trapper zapped by unknown force

It amazes us how many people feel "zapped" in an encounter. If birds and animals are silent then they must feel it too. We wish everyone that had a story to tell could tell it like this guy. Articulate and to the point, makes it sound very credible and good listening. Rich Germeau revisits his November 11, 2010 encounter with one or more Bigfoot on Harstine Island near Shelton, WA. This encounter culminated a five year search for Bigfoot with the Olympic Project, The Sasquatch Genome Project and independently. He stopped his search after this incident and the strange aftermath.

Cops develop a "hyper awareness" and tend to notice and "feel" things that the average person doesn't always notice. According to one police officer we spoke with, their awareness is heightened in certain situations. He says this testimony is compelling. "I've interviewed hundreds of complainants, witnesses and perpetrators. Based on my training and my 21 years of law enforcement experience, I find this gentleman's testimony extremely compelling. I definitely believe he experienced something totally out of the ordinary," said the officer.

Posted Sunday, December 09, 2018