Bigfoot and Balloons, the Curious Creature Theory

Posted Monday, December 03, 2018

By staff

A few people have asked me about the connection between Bigfoot and balloons because of the video posted by Paranormal Shaun where they found a big balloon bouquet in the Sam Houston Forest. It's a theory among some that Bigfoot is a curious creature and balloons are fascinating -- mylar balloons in particular -- so I like to point out if there were balloons for people who follow that theory. For some researchers, balloons are a key indication that they should take a closer look at the area and they may even include balloons at gifting locations. Here are a few videos as well as a BFRO report where balloons were mentioned or found: 0:56 Balloon
0:35 Balloon
0:19 Balloon
0:36 Balloon
BFRO report where an officer noticed a shiny balloon on the ground and when he went to pick it up he heard what he described as “a huge scream that was the most terrifying sound” a short distance away from him: (Link: And MrDuffy81, a popular YouTube Bigfoot person, has gifted balloons for Bigfoot: