Harvard astrophysicist theorizes object that passed sun may be an alien spacecraft

I took my time to post this because usually news sites come to extreme conclusions about scientific studies but it turns out that the paper they were referencing DOES discuss aliens. Last year an object that we named Oumuamua flew past the sun and since then it has been the subject of debate in the science community. It was finally agreed upon that it was not a comet but an interstellar object and this new paper suggests that it may have an alien source because it accelerated through our solar system in a way that doesn't match what we know about other objects in our solar system. They suggest that it may be space debris from another advanced civilization, possibly a light sail. The other theory is that it may be a probe that was sent to our solar system. Here are a few links if you are interested: You can read the actual paper here: (Link: arxiv.org) Here is a report from CNN: (Link: edition.cnn.com) Here is a report from the Boston Globe: (Link: www.bostonglobe.com) And here is a video from PennLive summarizing the news:

Posted Wednesday, November 07, 2018