Day 14 – Ouija, it’s only a game. Isn’t it? – Ouija horrors

Tonight's Squatchable Halloween Countdown: Day 14 – Ouija, it’s only a game. Isn’t it? – Ouija horrors Movie: Veronica – (Rated R) While this movie doesn’t use a Ouija board, it does still deal with opening a portal. It’s a Spanish film and it is great with a twist ending. It’s available on Netflix. Ouija, the game that brings up strong emotions from anybody that follows paranormal activity. Some are quick to reject it as just a game but most people would say that it serves as a portal to demonic activity. Let’s take a look at the history and stories about Ouija: Since reactions are so strong, it’s hard to find a balanced view about Ouija, here are two videos from different points of view, first is a skeptics view and the second is a believers view. Both are good analysis of the history of Ouija:

Ouija has largely been associated with horrible crimes, so much so that it has been named in court cases:

Here are three true stories about Ouija boards:

And here is 5 more if those weren’t enough:

What you take away from these stories really depend on what your opinion is of Ouija boards. For many it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, Ouija boards should be avoided. If it turns out they are not gateways to the other side, they still seem to be a gateway into the darker regions of peoples minds. And if they are gateways to the other side, they’ve proven to be a scary force. Well, have a good nights sleep!

Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2018