Day 20 – What lies beneath – Haunted bodies of water

Tonight's Squatchable Halloween Countdown: Day 20 – What lies beneath – Haunted bodies of water Movie: What Lies Beneath – (Rated R) – The ghost is actually out of the water but the body is still there and I love this movie so therefore, it counts! You can rent it on Amazon or check your cable/satellite provider. Water is a part of us all, about 60 percent in fact. This means that like it or not, our lives have to be tied to water. Usually this means that our cities and towns are located near bodies of water for drinking, cleaning, cooling, and recreation. Unfortunately, what water gives it can also take away and many people have died on lakes, rivers, and the seas. These tragedies leave an opportunity for legends to form about spirits being left to haunt their watery graves. Tonight I will share a few of those stories with you: Ghost ships refer to ships that for no apparent reason has lost their crew, either to death or disappearance. Each ghost ship has their own story and unsolved mysteries, and oftentimes their own ghosts. Here are 6 ghost ship stories with mysterious backstories:

Sometimes people report seeing ghosts that appear wet near the lake. Here is a story about the lady of White Rock Lake in Texas:

And if the lady of the lake scares you, here’s a few more stories to scare you out of the water!

Last but not least, here is a good compilation of 4 true lake and river haunting stories to round out our list for the night:

Usually when you hear of lake or river hauntings, the ghost most times isn’t seen in the water. Remember that if you are standing on the shore enjoying the view. For all you know, the spirits that haunt the lake are standing behind you. Sleep tight!

Posted Thursday, October 11, 2018