New Hampshire Resident Captures Possible Bigfoot Footage

Posted Wednesday, March 22, 2023

By staff

A new video has emerged that some Bigfoot enthusiasts believe shows the elusive North American primate known for its large size, hair-covered body, and bipedal gait. The footage, which is less than ten seconds long, was sent anonymously to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (RMSO), a group dedicated to collecting evidence of Bigfoot's existence, and posted on its YouTube channel. The video shows a dark figure moving behind trees in a wooded area, apparently unaware of being filmed. The footage was taken by a woman who was walking her dog in the Bartlett area, an unincorporated community in Carroll County, New Hampshire, when she noticed something strange and started recording. According to the email that accompanied the video, the woman's friend, who remains unidentified, said that she smelled a foul odor that reminded her of a dead body and that her dog acted strangely before she saw the creature. The email also mentions that there might be another video of the encounter, but the owner of that footage has not yet come forward. Some Bigfoot enthusiasts argue that the video shows a large and upright creature that seems to move smoothly and quickly despite the obstacles in its path, and that the fact that it was recorded in New Hampshire, an area with a history of alleged Bigfoot sightings, adds to its plausibility. They also speculate that maybe the foul smell reported by the witness is a common association with Bigfoot sightings, as some researchers suggest that the creature emits a strong odor as a means of communication or defense.