The Unveiling of Bigfoot: Exploring Classic Encounters and Insights

Posted Saturday, March 11, 2023

By staff

And a recent video posted to YouTube by Bigfoot enthusiast, Michigan Rob, has uncovered some fascinating history of Bigfoot sightings. The video starts off with Michigan Rob discussing two classic stories, one from the 1840s and the other from 1955. The first one comes from the diary of Elkana Walker, a missionary who lived in Washington State and wrote about a race of giants that inhabited a mountain covered in perpetual snow. These giants were said to be men stealers who hunted and worked only at night. The second story is an affidavit given by William Rowe about his encounter with what he believed to be a Sasquatch in Michigan. As Michigan Rob reads through these accounts, he highlights some interesting details that he believes give more insight into the creature's behavior and physical appearance. From the descriptions, it seems that Bigfoot is humanoid, covered in fur, has a broad frame, and is much taller and wider than an average human. It also seems to be a creature shrouded in mystery, only revealing itself to a lucky few. For those who have had their own encounters with the creature, these stories are just further confirmation of what they already know to be true.