Bigfoot researchers: "We found a track along with a handprint on the side of the van"

Lee’s crazy BIGFOOT adventures writes: We found a track along with a handprint on the side of the van.

Automatic transcription: "Hey guys. Um, got some things I want to show you here. Me and Tasha, we were out promoting our coffee with Walker coffee and we was up in an area that's highly active with big foot reports. I'm not going to give the area out, but I will show you what we found. We decided to go Squatch and around six, six 30 that night, and we went down this long dirt road and we come across some tracks now. My first thought when I saw this was possibly a bear track, but then after looking at it, I don't think it is guys, but I'm gonna leave that to y'all to decide the reason I say this is the stride between this track and the next one was way over six foot. Okay. Now bears have four legs. This was only two tracks found in some mud, like it was coming through the area and maybe it was walking on its tiptoes. But one thing I think interesting is there's a gap between the toes and the gap right there between that toe and the little one. Also, it has some hair right there on the side of it, as you can see right there, if you don't mind turning it for me. See the hair right there, guys. That's a black hair, but also has like a little bit of Brown and red up in there. But again, like I said, y'all decide, I mean, it's up to you. You can say big foot. You can say bear, it's up to you. But my thing is, like I said, a bear has four legs and the stride between this track and the next one was way over six foot. And there was only two tracks going through the mud. So I'm thinking maybe it possibly could have been walking on his tip toes. That's what I'm thinking. But again, I'll let you all decide, but you know, I just don't know guys. I really don't. If it's a bear, it's a, it's only a two legged bear, but again, right there with the hair. And if it was a Bayer again, there should have been more tracks. And just to going through that mud, there should have been at least six, seven or eight a possible, you know, we'd walk in four legs also. There's something else I want to show you too guys. When we went down that dirt road. Okay. After we came back, we was on that road for a while walking and we came back. We found a hand print on the side of the vehicle. This is the first time ever that I have had this happen. Okay. That is definitely a hand print guys. I mean, look, you can even see the ridges in it. All right. There was nobody out there, but us, nobody came through the whole time we was out there. And again, like I said, this is an area where big foot activity has been reported a lot. And also I want to show you some guys, okay. You see this right here. I'm going to do my hand back here just to show you something. Look at our gas. Absolutely nothing. Don't think that you see as Rob took the dust off the car, that, that right there is a Greazy hand print. Okay. That's been on her now for what? Almost five days, at least five days. And it still hasn't come off driving down the road, the wind, the rain still hasn't come off, guys. That's a greasy hand print. Like I said, that's the first time that's ever happened, but that's definitely a hand print. Definitely. Again, that's what happened. We went down a dirt road, Johnson, some squats, and we came back. We have a hand print on the car, and again, we found two tracks. They were six feet apart. Like I said, if it's a bear and that bear is walking with only two legs and a long black hair there, as you can see. And also, like I said, there's a big gap between the toes. Okay. So, but again guys, I mean, I'm thinking, like I said, it may have been walk-ons tiptoes when he came through. That's an interesting, fine guys really is two tracks over six feet apart. You got some hair in there? Same exact area within probably a half a mile of each other. We'd get the hand print on the vehicle. Thanks guys."


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Posted Wednesday, May 05, 2021