Florida man's dog refused to go back into woods after witness Bigfoot walking in "zig zag motion"

Florida, Suwannee County: I was out behind my house smoking, walking my dogs around 6:30 pm, just before dark. My back yard is grass for about 100 yards then it is medium to heavy woods (about 4 acres total). My dogs just froze in place looking towards the woods. I was asking them whats wrong, what do you see? They stayed still, gazing into the woods for about a minute. I also looked towards the woods but saw nothing but trees and I could make out a large tree stump, then they both ran from me back into the house through a the doggy door on the North side of my house. When looking towards the woods they are to the East of me. I kept staring at the woods looking side to side while still seeing nothing. My cigarette was done, I tossed it onto the ground and went to step on it when I noticed some movement about 20 yards in the woods. It was towards the tree stump...I watched as this stump, which was about 3 to 4 foot tall stand up and double its size... I was in shock, it seemed like it was not real. I stayed motionless while watching this thing, which clearly was NO tree stump start to walk deeper into the woods, heavy steps each time it walked, it was between 7' or 8 feet tall, had hair/fur covering it. The way I could tell this is because it was walking in a zig zag motion, purposely I guess to try and hide from me behind trees. The sun would only shine in spots through the top of the trees and I could see the hair/fur shine maybe every 5 seconds or so/ This thing made noise/sound only twice from itself, once when it first rose up, I interpreted it as a "Damn now I have to move" moan/grunt... second when he/she looked at me right before it got to the gas line road (which is a dirt, right of way road for the gas company) almost to tell me, you stay where you are, don't follow me and I had no plans on that.... I went back out the next day, dogs refused to go with me, to see if there was something it was doing in the woods and found nothing. Also went to the dirt road looking for prints but found only a part of one because of deer and other animals walking over them. I believe this thing, and others follow the deer here for food, the [Suwannee River] State Park has a no Hunting buffer I think that is 5 or 10 miles out from the park. The deer know this and I am sure if these things have been here for a while also know that people don't hunt around here.. I have been away from this house do to selling it but recently purchased it back. Only one of my dogs is still with me and will still not walk in the woods like we used to... This thing had medium to dark reddish/brown hair/fur, when it snarled/growled at me. I saw fingers, no hair on the palms because I could see skin, no facial hair. It did not stink as bad as I read about. It smelled more like wet dog and pine sap..I have been back here about 3 weeks but see no signs of this thing but did hear its growl two nights ago, I was on my front porch that faces west, smoking before going to bed. My dog was laying by my side. What ever it was scared my dog and me also. It sounded like an owl at first but turned into a growl at the end. Weird... I will wait to hear from you if you would like to know more. via (Link: bfro.net)


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Posted Wednesday, March 17, 2021