My Fouke Monster Sighting

Gary was driving to work on a dreary, misty morning, in 2007, through the Arkansas backcountry, when all of a sudden, he saw something in a hay meadow, on the left side of the road, that he’d never seen before. It was a Bigfoot. Luckily, he had the presence of mind to take a picture of it. After the producers of Finding Bigfoot were made aware of Gary’s sighting and saw the picture he took of that Bigfoot, they featured his sighting on one of the episodes of the show. That’s the only sighting Gary has had, but he’s collected sightings from other eyewitnesses, over the years. In fact, he wrote a book that’s titled, “Bigfoot Encounters, Ghost Stories, and UFO Sightings.” On this show, Gary’s going to talk about his sighting and some of the most interesting sightings other eyewitnesses have shared with him, over the years.


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Posted Sunday, March 14, 2021