Woman hears "blood curdling screams" captured on video

Michele writes: "I found this on my video feed from this past July. It’s so very creepy and I really wish I could find an answer to what this may be. I live in North Carolina about 50 miles NE of Charlotte. Behind my house is nothing but woods and I have only three neighbors around me. The closest neighbors is a preacher and wife the other side is a family of 5 with three very small children and the others across the street is an elderly couple. So I can’t imagine any of them out in the middle of the night making these blood curdling screams heard on this video. If anyone has ever heard anything like this and can give me some answers I might be able to get some peace of mind. U will hear a frog croak two times and then comes the scream. Headphones help to hear it better. And after reviewing the video of the entire night there was several odd happenings that I cannot explain. Just so very creepy"

Posted Wednesday, November 18, 2020