Man watched Bigfoot ripped McDonalds bag while dumpster diving

I worked in a nightclub on miami beach called Warsaw Ballroom on Wednesday night we had a members night free drinks until 1 am with a show after which made it a busy but early night after work i went on a trip to Everglades national Parks city called Flamingo I was out of work by 3 am it took one hour to get to the gate of the park entrance which at that time was open and they didnt charge. Me and my friend arrived by 4 am our plan was to enter the park and go straight across to Flamingo camp out and get up at noon go on a boat tour and hiking tour then stop at the different florida habitats which are on both sides of the road between florida city and flamingo. On the way back to miami the next day, When we arrived at the parks entrance we found ourselves super tired and as we started across we decided to stop at the first habitat called pine habitat and take a short nap well we arrived and parked relatively close to a dumpster at the habitat and the temperature was cool but comfortable so we nodded off being there was no one in sight and it was peaceful. About an hour into my nap i was awakened by my friend who appeared panicked and was motioning me not to make a sound my head was on the glass of the drivers side of the sports car we were in he was shaking and pointing at the glass where my head was touching the window i didnt lift my head i slowly rotated my head around and looked thru the glass which had a metallic limo tint on it the king you can see out but not in and i saw the head and eye of a ape like creature trying to look into the car i got nervous we had a gun in the car which i had a permit for my friend was slowly trying to get it from under the seat but i stepped on his hand and motioned no dont do that the ape-like creature was touching the car and continued to try to see in for a good five to ten minutes i had put a reflector plate that was a lightweight tin foil in the front window as well it was trying to look in the front window it walked over to the dumpster which was about fifteen feet from where we had parked i noticed a really strange odor kinda like a skunk but worse more rotten smelling my friend was holding his nose and about to loose it the creature was nosing through the garbage reaching in it had very long arms and was over six feet tall covered in a reddish brown blondish fur shaggy looking,but very tranquil acting and because i did not see any breasts i assume it was male i really couldn't tell, it didnt find anything in the dumpster it grabbed a McDonalds bag ripped it apart and threw it continuing to lightly pull through the dumpster trash for a good half hour looking back at the car a few times then it started back towards the car i didnt want to spook it or make it jump on my car or anything it started to walk off past the drivers side front of the car through the pines and by this time it still was not daybreak but getting close and it continued walking in the Northwest direction we sat there and watched it walk into the swamp the only camera we had was in a locked luggage in the trunk of the car and my cell phone did not have a camera neither did my friends , we obviously couldn't sleep so we started up the car and went straight to the other side Flamingo. When we arrived we napped in the parking lot of the info center and when it opened i went in found a ranger and told him what had happened along with a female park ranger as well they didn't act surprised and they asked if we had taken pictures i explained why we didn't and they jokingly said you didn't shoot at it did you i said i didn't have a gun but wouldn't that be illegal to shoot at wildlife and they said you'd be surprised how many people do shoot at them they said thank you for reporting it but apparently it was a very common thing they didn't ask for my name or even write the report down. i never filed anything because my mom said people would think i was crazy so i never reported it but it bothered me that i didnt so im reporting it now i assure you i am quite sane and not a prankster if you need any additional info im happy to provide it. via (Link:


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Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2020