"Mountain Dogs" spooked by very large "thing" at edge of driveway

The witness lived on 40 acres in a home they were building in a ravine, “down in a hole,” near a creek. Their property was at the bottom of a steep old logging road. The area is heavily forested and there are many old logging roads, but the logging operations shut down years before. The witness was inside their home, which had no curtains on the windows yet. They had a light dusting of snow during the night and it was just getting light. Looking out the window, she saw their two dogs running toward the part of the driveway that crosses the creek. (From Google Earth, the distance was about 150 feet.) The dogs stopped suddenly, barking at something, and then ran back to the porch. Her dogs were “freaking out” and “were acting scared.” Their hair was standing straight up, so she let them in. She described them as “mountain dogs.” They lived outside and weren’t afraid of anything. They often chased wildlife off the property, so their behavior that morning was highly unusual. She put them back out and they started “barking up a storm.” From the window, she looked to see what they were barking at and saw a very large “thing,” that looked like a person, but was too big to be a person. It was very wide, and “super dark,” at the edge of the driveway by the creek. As she focused, she could see that it was covered in hair. She then observed that it was “super big through the shoulders” and could see the head was right on the shoulders, as if it had no neck. She didn’t see the eyes, but when she looked at the face, she could tell that it saw her looking at it. That’s when it stepped behind a tree to hide. Her husband was in the bathroom and could hear the dogs barking and going crazy. She briefly turned to yell at her husband, “Get out here, there is something up by the creek!” When she turned back, it was gone. Later on, she and her husband found foot prints at the sighting location, which were twice the size of her husband’s size 12 boots. They could see where the toes where spread out in some tracks, as if it had slipped in the mud by the creek. They found broken branches up high, where it must have grabbed those branches or broken through them. Looking back, the witness wished she had gone out immediately to investigate. She was frightened, but didn’t feel threatened at that moment. It was hard to comprehend what she was seeing. They didn’t have neighbors at that time, so it wasn’t a person, and it was “huge.” She later read a report, in the local rural monthly magazine, about Bigfoot sightings in the area. That helped her realize she did see a Bigfoot. After that experience, she questioned other incidents. Sometime before her sighting, their small dog went missing. She found it six miles away with a broken back. It hadn’t been run over and had no other injuries, just a broken back as if it had been “karate chopped.” They built a jungle gym out of logs for their three young kids to play on. They played outside a lot. Her son reported hearing breaking branches, a number of times, above where they played, so the witness wondered if a Bigfoot was watching her kids play. The family spent time hiking, and collecting gems and crystals, but didn’t have any other encounters. There have been a number of Bigfoot sightings in the general area, including recent reports of road crossings and a sighting by riders on an ATV. The witness in this report had an unforgettable experience that day, and feels very fortunate. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Friday, October 16, 2020