Moose hunter had Bigfoot in his sites: "I was amazed at what I had seen and heard so, I could not shoot!"

While moose hunting early one crisp morning, i was walking in the spagnum moss all alone deep in the bush, it was in a hilly area and not many people frequent the area at all. while stalking i had slipped in the moss on a wet stone. when, i hit the ground from the impact i had been shaken a bit from the fall, getting my bearings i had looked up ,and to my amazement a "thing" was standing there looking at me. i had thought at first, it was moose getting up from the long grass, 10 yards from where i had fallen . but, as i looked closer it wasnt a moose, i had brought my gun up, and trying to swing on it, it looked at me in "amazement". like it knew it was going to be shot! what, i had seen was not a moose, i couldn't fire on it. because of the way it moved, and the noises it made, they had startled me so much so, i had thought .... "it is a man"?! but, it was black and running so fast it was amazing.... it was running and yelling ,,,,, its yell was very strange. i remember aiming at it, but listening to its eary scream, (like you would see in a cowboys and indian movie when an indian is about to attack and it charges.) i hate to use this a a medafor , however, its the best way i can describe it. so ,i watched it disapper out of site running , i was amazed at the movements and the manner in which it had eluded me.amazing! i still remember its scream, after it had known i was turning my gun on it. it was a very quick decision to make, i was on one knee and trying to look at "it" and, hip aline a shot! I had enough time to see it that, when it started to run i had gotten up and targeted it as it ran! but, as i had mentioned! I was amazed at what i had seen and heard so, i could not shoot! I was seeing an animal run but, it was so man like i couldnt shoot! I have since that day, frequented this area and found what i feel to be an unusual sheltering spot. When the initial ordel was over, i was left with a weird feeling . One of "when, i had fallen, and this "thing" came to see if i was alright, and to my surprise seeing him that close, instictively raising my gun on him" he reacted to my movement of harm, and i could see it in his movements he was scared! It was a very quick, and very close encounter. Maybe, its not the big foot you seek! But, it was black,large, ran up right, very fast, and i still believe it's movements to be extremely manlike! via (Link:

Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2020