Driver saw "enormous puddle of blood" leading to possible injured Bigfoot

From BFRO investigator: ...In talking to both witnesses, I learned that the male witness saw the animal cross the road, and the female witness saw the animal after it had already crossed the road. The witnesses described the animal as a “rust” color or the color of “dead pine needles.” They further described it as being very quick, large and very hairy. The witnesses stated that the animal appeared to be stooped over while running and that it seemed to occasionally use a hand to push off the ground. When I asked the witnesses about the height of the animal, they both said that it was difficult to say because of the stooped nature of the animal’s run, but it appeared to be maybe six feet tall. The witnesses stated that the animal never stopped running while it was in their field of view. The witnesses told of a possible encounter that occurred in the same area about two weeks prior to this sighting at approximately the same time of the morning. The witnesses told of seeing an enormous puddle of blood in the highway (787) and a large blood trail leading to the guard rail at the bridge. Just on the other side of the guard rail was a large, hairy animal lying in a heap, somewhat sitting up. The witnesses passed at such a rate of speed that no details could be discerned, except that the color was reddish-brown or “rust,” just as in the sighting mentioned above. By the time the witnesses could turn their vehicle around and pass by the area again, the animal was gone. The male witness wanted to stop the vehicle, but the female witness urged him not to do so. Neither witness could say with certainty what it was they saw on other side of the guard rail, but they said they knew that it was large and hairy and reddish-brown in color. The male witness told me that he has known for years of the existence of these animals, and he is troubled that hardly anyone takes the matter seriously. He also stated that he hopes no one will try to kill one of the animals, because he doesn't think they are harmful. via (Link:

Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2020