Bigfoot witness says "no costume could approach the realism of a live creature such as she observed"

BFRO Investigator G.E. Stade reported: ...This section of highway is a rural two-lane blacktop, with no shoulder, bordered by a fence, farm fields and then a woodline just past the fields. There were occasional residences along that section of highway. It was a clear, chilly fall night. The witness first observed some kind of animal on the roadway approximately 100 yards ahead in the high beams of her headlights. No eyeshine was observed (the animal was facing away from the witness as she approached). She slowed the car to a stop as she approached and the following dialogue ensued between the witness and her mother: Mother: “What’s that up there? Is it an ape?” Witness: “No. It’s too tall.” Mother: “Is it a bear?” Witness: “No.” Mother: “Well ....maybe it’s a Sasquatch.” The animal was simply standing in the middle of the road, facing west, away from the witness. As the car approached, the animal turned and looked at the witnesses. When the witness was asked the closest distance she was to the animal she responded "I would say at the most it was 50 ft... this would have been when the car was stopped and we were looking at it trying to figure out what the heck it was!" They stared at the animal and it stared at them. When asked what demeanor the animal exhibited, the witness explained that it didn’t look angry nor surprised. If the witness could interpret the animal’s expression it would be almost indifference as though it had an attitude of “what are you looking at?” or “why are you staring at me?” She felt like it was looking directly at her and her mom and not at their vehicle. The animal then leaped westward off of the roadway, clearing a fence, a distance of approximately 15-20 feet. The animal accomplished the height and length of its leap from a standing start without any run up, though it did bend it legs prior to its departure. It landed on two feet and smoothly transitioned into a brisk run/walk away from the road. The animal’s locomotion was bipedal throughout the time of observation. The witness described the animal as very tall, estimating 7 - 7 1/2 feet tall. Its facial features were very human. Its face was hairless with leathery looking skin, wrinkles around the eyes and a broad nose. The eyes were dark in color. No ears were observed. The rest of its body was covered by long, matted dreadlock looking hair that was a dark milk chocolate brown color. Its shoulders were very broad but the rest of its body was pretty lean. The witness thinks it was a male though no positive indicators of gender were noticed. Its arms were long in proportion to its body and hands were observed (not paws). Feet (not paws) were hair covered. The head was the same shape as a human’s but much bigger and broader. When asked if the witness could discern the maturity of the animal she said it did not look elderly and would guess it was probably an adult. The significance of its height and facial structure drew the witness’ attention most profoundly during the brief 15-20 seconds of her observation. When asked if she could have been pranked by a human wearing some manner of costume she replied that would have been impossible due to the subject’s height and its extraordinary leap. She also stated that no costume could approach the realism of a live creature such as she observed. No other traffic was present during the duration of the sighting and there was very little traffic noted during the witness’ entire journey that night. The witness and her mother were frightened by the situation and were shaking. They locked every door and window of the house when they got home. They thoroughly discussed what they had just witnessed and were in agreement about the details. It was a very unexpected event and they weren’t sure how to categorize what they had just seen. The witness had heard of Bigfoot prior to her sighting but had been very skeptical about its existence. She had certainly never heard any reports about Bigfoot from that area of Missouri. The witness never returned to look for tracks at the area which was private property. via (Link:

Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2020