After Bigfoot sighting, woman's neighbor had to explain to her that bears don't walk on two feet

Visual Incident approx mid-seveties in Oregon State Park special campsite area called "Howard's Creek". It was the habit of my family and several other families to reserve this campsite for a weekend in the summer. It was an infrquently available campsite, as apparently there was a desire to keep the site pristine and in original natural condition. Howard's Creek does have a forest road that ends at Howard's Creek with a turnaround circular drive aspect at the end of the road and we set up camp in part of this area circled by road. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and all the other families had left for home to be sure the kids would be ready for school. My family stayed behind not feeling we needed to get back so urgently, and decided the 4 of us would go for a walk around the circular road. Almost at the turning point fork we saw what we assumed was a huge bear, walk out from the brush from the right of the road, look our way briefly, then walk fast accross the road and crashed into the brush on the left side. The size of this "bear" was frightening, as I and my husband are 6 foot 3 and 6 foot 4 respectively and this animal was much bigger, probably 7 or 8 feet tall at least and very heavily built. Covered with very dark brown fur. Walking upright with arms bent. Frightened, we rushed back to camp not wanting to be prey to some kind of attack from this creature, whom we assumed was loking for leftovers after people had left camp. Estimating distance from where we were to the creature, perhaps 60 to 75 feet in front of us. It was a bright sunny day but also with shade from all the trees there. Near the camp we noticed scratches gouged deep into a tree trunk, but considerably higher than we could reach, and we assumed they were made by the animal we'd assumed was a bear. As soon as we got home, we spoke to the couple next door who had been in the camping party, to ask more about what kind of bears you get in Oregon. We had no knowledge of bears we explained, being from South Africa where there are no bears. I asked if it was a Grizzly, as that as far as I remembered was the biggest bear you got. To our surprise she informed us that no bear was as big as we described, and nor do bears walk on two feet. Had we known that what we saw was really unusual, we'd have probably got a better description by looking more carefully. I do have university training in zoology, but the best I can say is that I saw it from the side, so did not get a good look at the face even though it glanced our way briefly. It must have weighed well over 500 pounds, maybe 800, I don't think more. Hopefully Howard's Creek is a well documented place. I don't know how to find it again. It's south of Orgon possibly closer to ugene. The family nex door to us knew the way and we followed them when we went there. via (Link:

Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2020