Bigfoot Sighting July 18th 2020 Mt Hood Oregon... Rocks Thrown & Tracks found!

Cascade Adventure This GoPro 8 video is the 2nd of 2 videos of sightings we had on July 17th and 18th 2020 near LOLO Pass/Mt Hood Oregon. Watch and listen close and you will hear rocks thrown and nearby stomping while we go up and down hill. My girlfriend has a 8 second sighting near the top of the ridge were we find small trees oddly jammed together and one blocking the trail. You can help me investigate this video for sounds and watch for Bigfoot shadowing us close by on the steep forested hill sides below the trail. I have not looked extremely close at this video yet and you may find several things in the video that I haven't yet. Something was following us closely for at least an hour. If you see or hear something please leave a comment and time when it happened and I will post it! Last Year on June 29th 2019 we sighted multiple Bigfoot on this same mountain trail near Lolo Pass while training our horses. As a birthday gift this year my girlfriend and I took weekend trip back to the clearing not expecting to find that the same mountain trail still had Bigfoot watching and guarding it. They hunted us for hours as we rode up to the top of the mountain from a lower clearing and then followed us back to camp where when it got dark one started howling at us and stomped around in the nearby creek. This video was made July 18th 2020 and my girlfriend had a daylight sighting near Mt Hood that lasted about 8-9 seconds total. A 8-9ft Black Bigfoot ran parallel to our horse with the movement drawing its attention so my girlfriend then looked over and saw it run up the hill out running her trotting horse between trees. She saw it twice for about 4-5 seconds at a time close by on the extremely steep lower slope below the trail. We are in the forest training our endurance horses most weekends year round and our barn we often ride from is in the Oregon Coast Mountain Range. Here are some of the encounter types we had while horseback riding & camping in the forests of Oregon and Washington the last 5 years: knocks, trees pushed over, nearby stomping/breaking brush/tree limbs, multiple voices chattering/mumbling, woops, screams, moaning howls, rocks of all sizes thrown and multiple sightings.

Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2020