Young man had Bigfoot sighting after mimicking dying rabbit friend Greg and I had talked a large portion of our classmates into camping in a large field in which Greg and I, while "predator hunting" with a predator call, had had some very unusual experiences the year or two prior. To liven things up a bit, and perhaps scare a few people, he and I had decided that I would sneak to the field on foot, unbeknownst to our classmates, and give a few blows on the call, which mimics a dying rabbit, while he would tell "sasquatch" stories. After sneaking into position, it was dark and about 10:00pm, I hid along the edge of the field and blew the call as loud as I could. After a few attempts at attracting attention and realizing that nobody could hear me over the loud music blasting, I was ready to go out and join the party when I heard a branch snap right directly behind me. Armed only with a flashlight, I turned around and shined it right directly into the face of a male sasquatch standing about 10 feet away! This creature did not act threateningly in any way, unless you count the fact that I could clearly see his teeth, I specifically remember the breadth of his chest, the smooth down, shorter, not longer hair, the funny shaped lump on top of his head (like a gorilla) and his arms/hands, which were holding some brush out of his way to see me. We stood there for perhaps five seconds before I decided to turn the flashlight off (not wanting to continue to shine it in his face and "upset" him) A moment after turning off the light I heard a noise, turned the light on and he was gone. via (Link:

Posted Tuesday, October 13, 2020