"Professional Skeptic" Watches Bigfoot Cross Road

...we decided to take a couple of days off and drive up to the Olympic Peninsula. We drove up to Olympia, WA and took Hwy 101 route along the Hood Canal to through Port Angeles to Forks, where we stayed the night at the Forks Motel. Early on the morning of February 25th (a Thursday) we drove south on Hwy 101 to Upper Hoh Road and east to the Hoh Rain Forest. It was a beautiful clear and dry day, which was unusual for February on the Peninsula. After an enjoyable walk through the Rain Forest we headed back west on Upper Hoh Road. There was very little traffic in either direction and we pretty much had the road to ourselves. Approximately halfway back to Hwy 101, where the road once again comes close to the Hoh River, we had just cleared a corner and were at the beginning of a straight stretch of road which I estimate to be about 1/4-mile long before there was a left-hand corner. At the end of that straight stretch we both saw a very large bipedal creature walk out of the woods on the north side of the road, stride across the road in three strides, and disappear into the woods on the south side of the road. It appeared to be 7-8' tall and covered in dark hair. We both looked at each other in astonishment with that "Did you see what I just saw?" look on our faces. Without making comment of my own I asked Nan to describe what she had just seen, and her description was exactly the same as mine. When we got to that spot where we had seen the creature appear from the woods we stopped and examined the site. The road was in an area that was still within the Olympic National Forest, and the woods were so thick on each side of the road that it was difficult to see more than a few feet into the woods to the north. The trees were just as thick on the south side of the road, but we could tell that we were very close to the Hoh River. There was no trail whatsoever coming out of the woods or going into the woods on the south side of the road. Under the circumstances we could only surmise that we had just seen a Bigfoot that was apparently going across the road to reach the river. Even though I never doubted the existence of Bigfoot, I always considered myself a "Professional Skeptic". Yes it most certainly could exist, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where there are still enormous tracts of land that are virtually unexplored, but I would prefer to see proof of it myself prior to confirmation. I am now a confirmed believer, as is Nan. We never told anyone about it, and it wasn't until last night when we were watching a rerun of your show where you did an investigation in the Olympic Rainforest that we were reminded of the event. After the show we decided that I should send an email to you to apprise you of our sighting. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Friday, October 09, 2020