Couple spots "very tall" White Bigfoot

I was going to Settle's Ford conservation area with my girlfriend to look at the stars. We pulled up to a gravel parking lot with fields to the east and a tree line to the west. My girlfriend and I felt uneasy for some reason when we got out of the car, but it had only been our second time there and we didn't bring her dog this time around. I have a pretty powerful little spotlight flashlight with a zoom lens to really get a distant read on eye shine. I decided to do a quick look around with it and almost out it down when I thought i saw something out of place in the field. I don't know why it caught my attention, as I had just skimmed over it with my flashlight before bringing it back around to decipher whether or not I was looking at an animal or a tree. But I noticed it was a little more... white? I shined the light on this thing for no more than 3 seconds before it started moving west. This was 50 yards away, but the first thought that came to my mind was it was a man, and told my girlfriend to immediately get in the car. Once I jumped in I realized that it is nearly 1 am, there are no cars here, and nobody would be in a field dressed in white at the hours. It just doesn't make sense. I then pulled my car around back to the road in it's direction to try and take a closer look, but only 40 feet or so down the gravel road, the fog started to get heavy. Feeling incredibly creeped out, me and my girlfriend high tailed it back home. From the distance in the fog, I could tell it was white, upright, somewhat slender and VERY tall. The head was distinct from the rest of the body and it seemed to move at a little more than casual pace once it realized I could see it standing there. I know this was not a deer because I would see the rest of it's body and I know it wasn't another person because a singular person would be out of there mind to walk out into a field to hang out in the middle of the night. Plus it was way too tall. via (Link:

Posted Sunday, August 09, 2020