Couple escorted out of woods after seeing possible Bigfoot nest wife and I had quite an experience. I was hunting for deer in an area in southern Ohio, close to the Bob Evan Farm Area off route 35 before you come to Centerville. I had parked my Pinto station wagon at a farmhouse close to an area of hills and forested area. I entered the woods after an overnight rain. With everything being wet you could move through the woods very quietly. I worked my way up and into the hill into an area without fences, building, or any signs of population, no cigarette buts, gum wrappers or nothing. Was hiking away thru some ravines for about (2) hours until I came to a small creek. I followed it for about ½ hour until it came to a grotto of rocks and pine trees. In this rocky area was a raised area about 8 feet higher than the surrounding area and resting on this solid rock ledge rested a wagon with broken wood spoke wheels (very old, very heavy construction) and a yoke for oxen with old leather straps and tack. It was setting to the right and forward of a large rock overhand that went back about 20 feet. On the floor up against the back wall was a large pile of pine fronds about 12 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide, 8 inches to a foot deep and fresh. It was a bed for sure and it was dry and fresh. To the left, about 20 feet was a small pool formed in the rock and fed by a trickling waterfall. Something had crapped on the edge a small way downstream. Knowing that animal I.D. is easier if you know what’s being eaten, I examined the stool with a stick to find hair, bone fragments, shells from crayfish, and maybe eggs of some sort. Various types of grass blades or vegetation made up a large portion but keep in mind that the stool was very large, maybe wrist size, and probably 4 or 5 pounds in a pile. There were stains in the rock from previous times. There were no campfires nor human sign anywhere except for the remains of that farm wagon. I can not remember any bird sounds or other animal signs. Very quiet overall! Before leaving this area, I marked my visit by relieving myself on the wheel and yoke of the wagon remains and quietly left the area. I later told my father of this experience and asked his opinion of the possibility that this was a sleep sight for a Bigfoot. My dad was employed by the Game Protector Division for a period from 1950 to 1957 in the Marysville, Ohio area. He said there needs to be a breeding population for the existence of any species and there was just no evidence of that now, but the conversation was not over. Having given his opinion and reasoning for his view he then said this about that. “This happened to me” (see additional stories) He said that he wasn’t interested in going into the woods to help me investigate but my wife volunteered to go back with me. We went back around the end of January and made it a point to notice what we could. The stream had all but dried up but the big flat rocks in the creek bed were resting on edge in a very unnatural way. The temperature had fallen, and everything was crisp, dry and noisy. We took the same route back through the woods taking about 1 ½ hours to get back to the grotto. The bed was still intact, and the creek though smaller was frozen and the dung was gone but the stains were still present. The wagon oddly enough had been moved and was now resting at the bottom of the rock grotto and scratched into the rock were drag marks 4' to 6' long indicating steps taken by something very strong and very big. Terry, my wife said she was feeling very uneasy and wanted to leave so we started down the ravine and that’s when it started. Shuffling sounds in the leaves were coming from the top of the ridge on our right and they continued as it follows us out. Several knocks occurred for the next hour as we proceeded out of the woods as well as sheering saplings, snapping limbs and various chirps, whistles, grunts all now coming from both sides of the ravine. Rocks could be heard zipping through the leaves and hitting the limbs as they made their way down through the Sycamore trees to either side of us only to “thump” to rest in the woods, hard enough to be felt close to the path. I took time to pick one up and put it in my hunting coat. (I still have that rock) Several times I stopped and raised my 8mm mouser, pointing towards the areas of disturbance. At no time did the onslaught stop. I don’t think the perpetrators knew that I was aiming a high-powered rifle in their direction. I never fired thinking that it may have been humans, bootleggers or who knows who. They followed us, harassing all the way until nearly dark at the edge of the woods. That is where I gave my wife one of my pistols and told her to get to the car, lock the doors, and wait quietly. As she kept going down the path, I dropped down at the edge of the thicket to see what was dogging us out of the woods. At this time everything went silent, no more movement. I waited there until the sound of the horn off in the distance. I made my way out never to return. To sum up this story, I believe that it was a nest of sorts, I think that whatever moved that wagon down off of those rocks pulled about 800 lbs. or so down a good 20' with frozen axles and all. Those wheels were as high as my head an I’m over 6’2” tall. The yoke was about 12 feet long and to heavy for me to lift. The trees that they shook were easy 25’ to 30’ tall. They snapped limbs that made one hell of a snapping sound and I’ve tried to repeat some of those sounds and can not do it. There was some sort of communications going on between the opposite ridges made up of grunts, whistles, snorts and wood knocks, rocks were thrown from the ridge tops as were limbs snapped in a loud fashion we were followed a good ways through the woods but I never saw anything visually. Not a glimpse! via (Link:

Posted Saturday, March 28, 2020