Bigfoot creature emerged from a cornfield says witness

This happened on my grandparent's farm, which they still live on and I still visit almost weekly. I was probably 12 at the time and it was the summer so my grandparents would allow my sister (10 at the time) and I to have sleepovers at their house. There were probably 7 of us staying over that night and we had been outside all day and were all from the area. For a little background on the location of the sighting my grandparents house is situated between two small towns with populations of around 1000 each. The farm is also about 10 minutes from 3 different wildlife areas. They had no neighbors at the time other than cows and corn. Now they have one neighbor whose house you can see from the yard but no other visible neighbors. Around 11pm we decided to go outside because we were being loud and my grandparents had gone to bed. We had done this probably a half dozen of times over the summer. We had been outside for probably 30 minutes to an hour when we started to hear odd noises in the cornfield across the road and the sound of corn stalks breaking. This continued over the next probably 20-30 minutes. As a bunch of 10-12 year old girls we ignored the sounds and kept talking all the while my grandparents 3 dogs were sitting in front of us tails tucked growling like something was in the cornfield that was maybe 50 yards from where we were sitting in my grandparents front yard. We heard a loud scream from the cornfield as something came out of the field right in front of us. What came out of the field was a tall humanoid creature covered in dark brown hair that was slightly taller than the corn was at the time at about 6-7 feet. We all looked at the creature and took off running back towards the house leaving all of our things outside. Once we got inside we looked at each other in utter shock at what we had seen. None of us wanted to say anything to my grandparent because we all thought they would call us crazy. Of the seven of us that saw the creatures 4 of us had been raised hunting and fishing. We knew the animals native to the area and spent hours in the woods in with our fathers and grandfathers learning how to track animals and respect nature. To this day I am afraid to be outside at their house at night by myself. I have heard the same noises again and again over the years including the screams and wood knocks. via (Link:


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Posted Monday, March 09, 2020