Woman to husband: "Terry it’s a bigfoot, it’s a bigfoot"

my wife and I were parked off a Lexington road and were walking up the 500kv type power lines about three of four ridges in when we stopped for a morning break to view and scout the open areas under the lines. The open areas are about sixty to eighty yards wide cleared from side to side, About 100-150 or so yards ahead of us on the next ridge (the power towers were on ridge top to ridge top) we seen a bipedal figure come out of the tree line and just stand there frozen and stare out at the clearing not moving at all for what seemed to be three to four minutes. We were very perplexed as to what was going on and if it was a person not dressed in hunting orange. Most people don’t remain still for that length of time. What was it doing? All of a sudden it took off and graciously walked across the clearing of this hill top and to the other side very quickly with long strides and then lost into the other sides tree line. After calming my wife down as she was real excited as to what we believed we had just seen, she almost yelling "Terry it’s a bigfoot , it’s a bigfoot." We very slowly proceeded down the hill side and up the other to see if we could find and tracks. When we got there it was very obvious that tracks were out of the question as the hill top was the old graveled road that had in the past been used to install the towers, a hard pack ground. But what we did see was on the west side that it had disappeared into, was covered in black berries about five feet high and an obvious path right through them up the hill side. Needless to say we did not proceed up that trail. The other side that it had come from no tracks were noticed also hard pack. My wife was very ready to leave the area and we did. Observation: Color was a light almost oak colored not black from head to foot, from that distance it was hard to judge height but I would guess around seven feet maybe more. Time around 8am. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Monday, March 09, 2020