Juvenile Bigfoot plays "peek-a-boo" with hunter

The interview with this witness was very interesting, as he described his experience in graphic detail. While sitting in a tree stand, the witness heard something moving toward him and out of the woods came a Bigfoot. The creature stopped behind a tree and then began to peek out from behind the tree at the hunter. The hunter said, "It was like he was playing peek-a-boo with me! Like a little kid would!" He was surprised, although not frightened by the incident. He watched this activity for what seemed like an hour, although he realizes it was probably only about 15 minutes. The distance from the tree stand to the creature was only about forty feet. He described it as 4 to 5 feet tall, covered with green-gray hair or fur with black eyes and a face very similar to a human face. "I could see a glint in his eyes while he was playing with me and it almost seemed like it was smiling!" He described a chimp like mouth with a mischievous little smile. The face was covered mostly with hair or fur, but there was no snout or prominent nose like a bear would have. It kept his hands on the tree the entire time he peeked out from behind it. The hair on the body was described as long, like a raccoon's fur. After about 15 minutes, the hunter heard a low toned sound he compared to a deer snort. "It made a sound similar to a deer snort, but not, but similar in that it was like wind being pushed out his mouth or nose." Then the creature turned and walked away. The gait was similar to a human. Throughout the entire conversation, the hunter made several references to this creature being human-like. He did not draw his bow on it, nor was he threatened by the situation. However, he did leave the tree stand and did not continue to hunt the rest of the evening, because the incident did shake him. He did return to the same spot the next day, but saw no sign of the creature again. He checked for prints, but he was unable to find any. The sighting area is located in and near a wilderness area with plenty of game available for food. There is an abundance of water available as well, including a cedar swamp. via (Link: bfro.net)


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Posted Sunday, March 08, 2020