Camper runs into "tree", but tree turned out to be Bigfoot

I was one of about 20 campers and two counselors that went on a 3 day, 2 night canoe/camping trip down the Brazos River. We put in just below the dam at Possum Kingdom Lake. The first night we camped near and before the Highway 4 bridge. We set up our tents on a section of open, flat grass next to the river. There was a 30' cliff that was set back from the river around 30 yards, and that ran in both directions for quite a ways. As we were setting up camp and securing the canoes for the night, several campers noticed some type of unknown animal peering down on us from the cliff, only a glimpse of the head was ever seen, and was in a different location each time. No one was really concerned or thought much about it. The night was uneventful, and we all slept well. The next morning we were up eating breakfast, and loading the canoes. As I came back for another load, my tent/canoe buddy said he had seen the animal - asked if he knew what it was, and said it was a fox. I had found a way to get up the cliff face, and we were on top in no time. As we made the last push to the top, we could hear something running off through the woods. We immediately gave chase, and I was in the lead. There were some very large boulders scattered about, and I ran around one of the larger ones. As I came flying around the edge of this boulder, I ran smack into a rather large tree, which knocked me back flat on my rump. I was crumpled at the base of this tree and dazed. When my eyes focused again, I noticed the tree had hair. I looked up, it screamed, I peed in my pants (literally), my friend screamed, I screamed, it screamed again, and all of this in quick but distorted time. We ran fast, and right off the edge of the cliff, forgot it was there. We were in a blind panic. via (Link:

Posted Sunday, March 08, 2020