Hikers surprises Bigfoot drinking water: "The face was wide, like an orangutan"

Posted Friday, February 28, 2020

By Squatchable.com staff

From BFRO investigator Scott T.: The witness was hiking to a popular spot just south of the town of Eatonville, Washington. This location is where a branch of the Mashel River flows over a waterfall about 30’ high. The location is approximately 200 yards from the highway parking area. I was hiking at that spot recently, so I am familiar with the location. It is very near the Pack Forest, which has a long history of sasquatch sightings, track lines in the snow, and other activity (including stealing a trail worker's lunch). They hiked from the road, across the railroad trestle, and down the trail to the right of the railroad tracks. This trail has a cable strung along it to use as a hand hold. The trail is quite steep. In talking to the witness, I gathered these additional details: It had not heard them approach over the sound of the river. After about ten seconds of staring at the three people, it turned away from the river and moved rapidly off into the trees to the southwest on two legs. As it moved away, it paused three times to turn and look at them. The witness said this was the time when he was worried about whether or not it would attempt to approach them. He said that it turned its entire body to look at them. He got a really good look at the animal. It was only about 60 feet away when they first saw it. By the time it had moved about 50 feet away from the river, it vanished into the brush. The location is such that throughout most of the day, the river is in the shade, so the ability to see fine detail is not very good. The witness gave me a good description of the creature's appearance: The color of the fur was black underneath, but a rusty red at the tips. The fur was long and straight. The face was wide, like an orangutan. The skin color was a reddish-tan; like someone who has been using too much fake tanning cream. He could not see detail of the mouth, nose, or eyes due to the lighting. The head was cone-shaped on top. There was no visible neck. The arms were very long, reaching nearly to its knees. The hands were large, like the picture of Michael Jordan holding a basketball. It looked like a huge human with fur. He estimated the height at 6’4”. (They were above the creature looking down, so height estimation is problematic). The witness is a body builder and weighs 300 lbs. He said by comparison this creature was much bigger; he estimated its weight at 500 lbs. The build was massive, with huge shoulders. Vocalizations: He said that it made a “clearing its throat sound” as it rose to turn and walk away. It sounded just like a human clearing its throat when they are annoyed at being disturbed. Being familiar with the location, the history of sasquatch sightings in this area, and with the excellent description of the creature, I am convinced that this witness saw a sasquatch. via (Link: bfro.net)