Security guard says Bigfoot they saw look like a person in their fifites

Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2020

By staff

I was a reserve deputy sheriff for Story co. Sheriff's office. I was employed by Houston International Minerals Corp. at Gold Hill as their on site security supervisor. I had worked the day shift. I had ran some kids out of the old mill at around 3:30pm on 09-15-80. I was showing my swing shift officer the area I had ran the kids off from. We were in the security vehicle parked on the high side of the southside of the old mill (Gold Mining). We saw that the boys, (four of them) were running back down the ravine to the creek below. it was 4:15pm. As the boys reached the creek they must have scared a group of girls at the creek bottom because they started screaming. there was a lot of noise being made by both the girls, and boys laughing, and yelling. At first I thought they had scared a deer west of them near the rock outcrops. Then I thought, no it's too big to be a deer. I could see it moving amoung the trees heading up the other side of the ravine at a very fast pace. I thought it must be a lone mustang as I watched. My secutity officer got the binoculars from the seat and said "OH MY GOD" I looked closer, and realized it was not a mustang. I was looking at a large greying/ brown man shape thing about ten plus feet tall. It was obviously male. because of it's build. As it cleared the trees near the top of the hill I could clearly see it. It was covered with hair from head to toe. Greying like a person in their fifties. It was at least three feet across at the shoulders. At the crest of the hill it turned to look back down the ravine. It was maybe a hundred yard across the ravine. I had an unobstructed view at this point. It stood on the hill top maybe a minute looking back down the hill, then turned and moved over the other side of the hill out of view. We drove over to where we had seen the thing last (about a two mile drive on dirt roads). It's was about 4:50 pm by then We saw no further sign of it, but was able to establish that the thing was standing next to a tree that was 11 feet tall, and it was just as tall as the tree we saw. via (Link: