Woman takes photo of Bigfoot hunching over

Posted Sunday, February 23, 2020

By Squatchable.com staff

So I was sitting here in bed and I smelled this stench so powerful my eyes were watering. So I decided to get up, creep over to the window and I looked out there. My brother had been up here a couple of days before that and was cutting down a tree, well we got the blade stuck in the tree and we couldn't get the tree the rest of the way down. Well, I couldn't see it at first, I was standing there at the window, and I see the tree start to topple. And so, I couldn't see nothing outside so I thought "I want to take a picture anyways." When I flashed the camera I seen it out there. I think there was one near the woodline and there is one maybe ten feet from the house. The picture is kind of foggy because of the reflection of the glass in the window. You can tell what it is. I held it close enough to the glass. It was hunched over, it was all brown. It had to have been bigger than the other one I saw, it was even more massive. And this one's legs were brown. I got a good closeup view of these things, they are freaking huge and I don't want to mess with them. After I flashed the camera it looked at me. So I went and got my mom up and I am like "Mom, just get the gun, it's going to come through the wall." They knocked that tree down and went back out into the woods. I went out the next day and found a lot of tracks and there were a lot of walnuts that had been cracked open. I honestly think this thing is stalking our woods out here, I think we have a lot of deer activity, I think it is chasing the deer around. My brother is like 6'8" and weighs 350 lbs and I think they are intimidated by him. My brother had caught the chainsaw blade in the tree. My brother took the motor part of and had left the chain and bar stuck in the tree. That morning I found the bar laying away from the tree, like it had been taken out of the tree but the chain was still stuck in the tree. It had been a few days from when we got the blade stuck and the tree was pushed over. The tree is about 100 feet from my bedroom window. I've got lots of pictures of footprints. I've went out there walking the dogs, I won't go out there by myself. There were also a bunch of tracks. Its muddy around it. I did hear a strange sound while outside it kinda sounded like a cow but it was like a growl at the same time, it was so loud it was like it shook the house. It was during the day I was out on the deck but after I heard that I went in quick. via (Link: bfro.net)