Woman saw two Bigfoots, a mother and a little one

I drove four friends up from Portland to the south side of Mt Hood to spend three days on the trail that goes round the mountain. We were all seventeen or so and there were two other couples and myself. On the second day we had made it only to the east side of the mountain going clockwise, I think it was called Sherwood Camp. We found the campsite late and decided to set up on our own near a creek on the opposite side of the trail from the campground sign a hundred yards or so off the trail in a fairly level open part of the forest. There was a creek nearby, there were huckleberries out and we set up our three tents close together.The next morning I got up about 5:30 but noticed from my tent flap the others had all slept in. Some movement about seventy feet away in the berry bushes and evergreens caught my eye. I saw a large light beige colored creature all covered with hair 7 to eight feet tall, its' back to me, trying to reach something, a branch I guess, about 15 ft. off the ground. Not more than 10 ft away was this other creature the same but small, all covered with hair except for the front of the hands, the bottoms of the feet and around the eyes. The second one was only about 3 ft high and was bending over picking up a stick which it was trying to put in its' mouth. The little one was a bit darker in color, a dark beige. The hair on both was up to four inches long at most. The big one was really thickset, I could not make out any of the front of "her" because she was turned away from me almost the whole time, about a minute. I thought she was the little one's mother. She gave a kind of grunt at the little one like she didn't want him doing that and he dropped the stick. At that moment I was on all fours leaning out of the tent, trying to see better, and my hand popped on a twig, and the big one looked right at me, but all she did for a second was grunt again at the little one and she reached down, stepped over and took his hand. It was like she was motioning for him to go with her, and looked in my direction one more time, grunted softly again and they were gone behind the trees. Their faces were like an ape around the lips and jaws, you know, their jaws jutted out a bit. Their heads weren't pointed but I could see by the bare patches around the eyes and skin on the hands their skin was a kind of brownish gray. My friends never saw anything, but after we hitch-hiked back to the jeep and were on the way out, I slowed down for a ranger and he stopped to make sure we were OK. He was an older guy,I didn't get his name, he had gray hair and a bit of a paunch. He was a nice guy, he said this was his first season doing this, and when I told him what I had seen his eyebrows kind of went up. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Saturday, February 22, 2020