Deer Hunter Witnesses Super Silent Animal Walking Through Woods

Posted Friday, February 21, 2020

By staff

I was deer hunting in the Rifle River State Park in Michigan. I was on the west border of the park about 300 yards from the southern border. I had walked into the area from the south and stopped to "let the forest quiet". I watched as three female deer crossed my path about 75 yards north of me. They were stopping and looking back to the west as they moved to the east. I thought that a buck would be sure to follow. What I saw was a figure that walked silently through the woods. It seemed to be a very large man in a fur coat. I thought,what a fool to be out in the woods in a fur coat and no hunter's orange during deer season! I had on an orange hunting coat and hat. As I stood up, the "man" turned to face me. It was then that I realized that this may not be a man. It turned and ran in the direction that it had come. I could not believe how quiet it ran through the woods. I have been hunting for over 50 years and have spent many days in the wilderness at a time but I have never seen such an animal. I have never seen any large animal move so quietly. I have hunted bear, moose, whitetail deer, wild boar, and moose. Never had any of these animals moved through the woods without making a sound. In fact, I had heard the three deer well before I saw them. When I got back to camp, I mentioned this incident to a guy that has hunted the area for decades. I only told him that I saw a guy in a fur coat. He seemed to be a little concerned about going back to the area. I have not hunted that area again. This animal was about 6'8", had a grey/brown hair and seemed to have arms that were longer than a human's. It walked upright but not as a man would and not as a chimp or other primate that I know of would. There seemed to be white hair around the face and on the chest. The more that I think about it, I am convinced that it was trailing/hunting those deer. It was the rut and those does would be in heat. This could have masked my presence. via (Link: