Man describes sleeping creatures lying on road: ran like a big ape on its knuckle

Redwater Alberta Canada hwy 38 south around 5:30 in the morning my mother was driving me to work I was only 16 years old and I had the opening shift I was home schooled and worked every day in the city of Fort Saskatchewan, this early morning we came upon to large animals laying in the middle of the highway which was normal we often saw bears and coyotes laying on the warm asphalt, my mother honked the horn to make them get off the road one of these animals sprang on to 2 feet and ran like a man into the woods the other one seems more confused and it ran on 4 legs right down the center line I leaned over and looked at the gauge we were traveling at around 50 km per hour then it stood on 2 legs then went off the west the same way as the other one, my mother started to be frightened I was only excited I opened the door to jump out of our van and chase after them but we were still moving around 45-50 km per hour and my mother grabbed my coat and stopped me. Later that day my father and I went to the spot and could find no trace of them but we found nothing the ground was still too hard to find any tracks, my mother says they were bears and will not talk about it anymore. I do not know if they are a member of the “big foot” family they do not fit in with the normal bigfoot sightings they were not huge and massive, they were lean but powerful looking one had brown hair and one had very red hair and they both looked kind of mangy they were tall but no 8 to 9 feet tall, more like 6 to 7 feet tall. When they ran on 4 legs then ran like a big ape on its knuckles when they ran on 2 legs hey ran like a sprinter with huge strides but not totally up right, more like a old man with a bit of a bend, but fast as a horse and vary agile. To me they seemed almost young in appearance sort of like a tall hairy teenager. They made no sounds only heavy breathing like a horse via (Link:


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Posted Friday, February 21, 2020