Boy accidentally discovers a Bigfoot hiding in a ditch

A friend and I were walking home from Sunrise Elementary school in the spring. This is on South Hill in Puyallup. There was an area of woods we had to go through between gravel pits to get home. We were on an overgrown old logging road that had a ditch on one side. It was on our left as we walked. We were also not too far from some power lines. Both of us had sticks and we were chopping down dandelions along the trail as we walked. My friend was in front and I was about 20 feet behind him chopping what he had missed. As I got to a big patch he missed, I stopped and started chopping away as my friend kept walking. The ditch was to my back now. Suddenly, I felt like someone was behind me. I turned around and was pretty much face to face with a Bigfoot. It was about eight feet away from me. My guess is it was sleeping or hiding in the ditch and just stood up to see what was going on. It could have reached out and grabbed me with no trouble. I think it was just as surprised to see me as I was to see it. It was standing in a ditch so it wasn't towering over me, but it was still taller than me. It had red hair like an Irish setter dog and a little bit matted. It had wide shoulders, the and eyes looked black, but to be honest I didn't look for very long. It took me about two seconds then I ran, and ran past my friend. He started running in right behind me asking what was wrong. I just kept yelling to keep running. We ran all the way home. It didn't chase us. via (Link:

Posted Sunday, February 16, 2020