Roadkill turned out to be creature that looked like "large man in an ape suit" says driver

Near Salt Fork Lake State Park: What I observed to this day still haunts me. I was driving and on the side of the road there looked like a brown bear just lying there as if it was hit by a car. I did not completely stop;however, I did slow down to observe what ever was lying on the side of the road stood up glanced and ran off into the distance. This thing when it took off stood about 6.5 to 7 foot tall. After this thing took off it stepped over the guard rail that is on the side of the road. This thing look like a large man in an ape suit . After the Creature or what ever it was took off I did stop rolled down the windows but did not get out of the car because i was scared. When i did roll down the passenger window it smelled as if a skunk was hit. The smell could have came from a skunk i don't no where the smell came from all i no the smell was there after rolling down my window. via (Link:

Posted Friday, February 14, 2020