Man witnesses White Bigfoot swimming and bursting up from water

I was fishing in a quarry pond, Antrim lake in Columbus Ohio. It was around 6am and the water was calm. Out in the middle of the lake, bubbles started to rise, then it got more violent, almost like a giant coffee pot percolating. Up burst a huge white "thing". i was about, 10 feet away. It was out in the lake and i was sitting on the shore. It swam to the other side of the lake got out , walked up the bank and disappeared into the woods on the other side. that border the Olentangy river. It seemed quite large but i didn't realize how big until about a half hour later, another person showed up and started riding their bicycle around the lake,it had a track, it was about a mile around,but i waited for the bicyclist to get to the spot where the:thing" got out of the water, and it was as tall as a man on a bike. So i estimate it at about 6 ft tall. 250-300 pounds and all white. I have told my wife about this over the years but she just makes fun of me. I know what i saw, and it was big, white and came up out of the lake in the very early morning. maybe it didn't anticipate me being there, and swam directly to the other side. via (Link:

Posted Thursday, February 13, 2020