Man spots Bigfoot family at Bloody Bucket: a large, medium, and smaller one

This particular day our fathers let us out of the truck along the Elk Valley road and told us to spread out and hunt up over the ridge and down through a area known as the Bloody Bucket, they would pick us up on the other side. As I started to descend down the ridge towards a beaver pond I saw three figures standing on the edge of the beaver pond. My first thought was that they were people wearing snowmobile suits. I thought that was strange because it was early September and warm. As I got closer I realized the people were wearing fur suits. Then it hit me what I was really seeing (BIGFOOT). There were three of them, a large, medium, and smaller one. They had dome shaped heads and no fur on their faces. I had no camera with me at the time.I was about 75-100 yards away from them. They walked around the edge of the beaver pond through some scrub aspen and into the timber on the North facing Slope. The scrub aspen hit the tallest bigfoot just below the shoulder. I was very nervous and started towards the beaver pond to see if I could find tracks in the mud. As I approached the scrub aspen I realized how tall the bigfoot was. I was approx 6 foot tall at the time and the aspen was over my head. At this point I was really nervous and decided to go in the opposite direction and get out of the area. I remember that it was unusually quiet during the time of the sighting. via (Link:

Posted Wednesday, February 12, 2020