Man sees Bigfoot sleeping comfortably next to tree: its hands and fingers locked together stretched out across its knees

i was an avid Indian artifact hunter. surface finds, only. i got out of college classes early that day and decided to give it a go in a creek i hadn't been over for some time. as i drove down into the area i noticed a pickup parked with 2 gentlemen sitting on the tailgate in the shade from the hot sun. the truck was a ford, 2 tone in color. white over brown. i asked them if they were practicing and as to where so i could stay out of their road. they said there was a special deer season open and they were tracking one? i walked to a different place than i had planned to hunt and told them where i would be. i walked over to the creek and started in. i guess i was into the area maybe 50 yds and the truck didn't waste anytime spinning up the hill. they came north and one guy jumped out and the other drove on north and got out. i found this a little disturbing and decided they might be hunting me? i climbed out of the creek in short order and was about to walk back to my truck and leave. as i came over the bank there was this [creature sitting on the ground leaning against a tree. It could have been 12 feet tall if it was standing up.] i was only 20ft from this thing. it was an oaf-looking creature sitting on its butt with its back against a large oak tree. it was sleeping with its hands and fingers locked together stretched out across its knees. there were massive amounts of leaves in its very long brownish hair which covered it head to toe including the face. and it didn't seem to matter what color or shade they were. the hair seemed to blend in perfectly. I'm wondering if its hair is hollow like a deer hair? i honestly was completely shocked and all the hair on my body rose to attention. i recognized this thing from pics in mags and such. i felt nauseous and confused. as i hopped back into the creek out of sight from it it rose and bolted east right in the direction of those guys. i heard it cut across the gravel on the road and that was it. i never went back to that creek. via (Link:

Posted Wednesday, February 12, 2020