Woman stuck between several screaming Bigfoots, her boyfriend learned to "communicate" back

this all started when we were asked to be night watchmen for a logging company to watch the big equipment during the summer months of july and august. it was last week of july when we got there . first incident we went fishing at the pond there and as we were there for about 1 hour and all of sudden we heard a strange short scream with a deep tone off to one side then behind us was another short scream witch sounded like a response to the first scream. the sound of these screams startled us to as what this could be. my boyfriend has been a hunter and has lived in around these areas for years never have he or i heard a sound like that. then about 15 min or so another scream back and forth to each other while we are in the middle then about 7 ducks come out of the bush right at us as more screams were let out by this thing. we immediately ran to the car and went to drive back to our trailer. another duck came threw the trees and flew directly into the windshield as i kept driving. about two days latter as i was checking the equipment and making sure they were all locked up as i was walking back down the hill the sun was on the back side of this thing. it looked as though something was down in the water drinking i could here the snorkling as i was standing there thinking posible elks but because the fur seemed to be dark and long kind of a burnt red color. as i stood watching this looked to be a huge log standing up with lots of fur. i couldnt move i just froze. i couldnt scream i simply couldnt move. this thing turned and took one huge step over the top of a log on the ground i thought it was coming after me. then i finally started running down the hill to my boyfriend screams coming out of me and then screams coming out of this thing i yelled as loud as i could for him to run to the trailor. we got over by the door of the trailor. my boyfriend was still over by the car he then heard this thing screaming as it was headed toward the trees then the branches were breaking as screams and then screams down behind us we both went into the trailor. i was so scarred i couldnt leave the trailor. my boyfriend went back out side and listened it sounded as though it was done. he came back into the trailor and asked me what i saw i told him this thing it just came out of the ground. he said a bear i said no taller than a bear like andre the giant just stepping over the rope thats how big this thing was 8 or 9 foot tall easy the following morning we went out to look for some kind of foot prints saw a couple about 4 foot split between them. the trees were up rooted some were twisted bend down twisted broken off about 7 foot up the tree . we decided to stay. maybe we could communicate .... we got communication by screaming threw the construction cone witch worked almost right away. my boyfriend would scream threw the cone then about 5 min this thing would scream possibly 10 yards into the tree line or just very loud. either way it was the same screams and noises as down at the pond. as days and nights went by my boyf would keep in contact with this thing it would answer all the time when it was close. the twigs and branches were placed in the ground skinny side pushed into the ground the trees were not the branches of the trees around pushed into the ground. we then saw stumps that were completely surrounded by branches and branches weaved into trees and looked to beds we found hand prints where the beds were we found hair trapped into the ground like a straw bed. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Monday, January 27, 2020