Buckeye Bigfoot: Seth Breedlove's Small Town Monsters Preview

Posted Friday, June 21, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

If you're a fan of all things paranormal and cryptids, then you'll want to check out the YouTube channel Eerie Travels and their interview with Seth Breedlove, the founder of Small Town Monsters. Small Town Monsters is an indie film company that focuses on creating films about paranormal and cryptid sightings around the United States. In this interview, Seth talks about the history of Small Town Monsters and how it all started from a book proposal that was rejected by publishers. He also discusses their Kickstarter program, which has been crucial in keeping the company alive and funding their projects. Currently, Small Town Monsters has several episodic series running on their YouTube channel, including Sasquatch on Earth, Bigfoot Beyond the Trail, and Strange Places. They are also working on a new season of Sasquatch on Earth called Buckeye Bigfoot, which will be focused on sightings in Ohio. One exciting project that Seth mentions is a new 12-episode series called Paranormal Horizons, which will be produced by Ron Lam and Joe Produce Wild. This series will be unlike anything Small Town Monsters has done before and will explore various paranormal topics. it's always exciting to hear about new projects and sightings related to the elusive creature. Small Town Monsters has been instrumental in bringing these stories to light and giving a voice to witnesses. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel and support their work. Excitement Level: 7/10