Hunter's Encounter with a Red-Eyed Beast in 1982 Florida Swamps

Posted Monday, June 17, 2024

By staff

A thrilling encounter with a possible Bigfoot in the Florida Everglades has been reported in a recent video posted on YouTube. The video, featuring a conversation with a man named Dave, recounts his experience as a teenager while hunting alligators at night. Dave and his friends had parked their truck near a canal, searching for alligators. As they were about to leave, Dave noticed a pair of red eyes reflecting in his headlights. Believing it to be a whipperwill, he approached the tree where the eyes were located. However, as he got closer, he realized that the silhouette of the creature was much larger than that of a whipperwill. Dave described the creature as looking like a child hanging from a pole, but much larger. He estimated that it was the size of a pumpkin on top of a bail of hay. The creature was crouched down and appeared to be watching Dave and his friends. As Dave approached the edge of the canal, he tried to get the creature to move by stomping his foot. Suddenly, the creature let out a roar that Dave described as a low guttural roar that turned into a high-pitched scream. Startled, Dave fired his shotgun at the creature, which let out another roar and began shaking the trees around it. Dave fired several more shots, and the creature eventually stopped moving. Dave and his friends left the area and never returned. Dave believes that he may have encountered a Bigfoot, as he had never heard anything like the creature's roar before. This encounter is particularly interesting as it took place in South Florida, an area not typically associated with Bigfoot sightings. However, there have been reports of Bigfoot-like creatures in the Everglades for many years. If you're interested in learning more about this encounter, be sure to check out the video on YouTube. It's always exciting to hear about new Bigfoot sightings and encounters, and this one is certainly no exception. Who knows, maybe this encounter will inspire you to go out and do some Bigfoot hunting of your own!