Police responding to "prowler" call did not expect to see a 8ft tall hairy subject

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Carter B: I spoke at length with this witness. He has nearly 40 years in military and law enforcement service, and his powers of observation are at or above what you would expect from a trained observer. He also has a degree in Anthropology and is a self-described expert in Darwinism, and has also studied quantum physics and math. The event is as follows: He and his partner answered a prowler call about 9pm. He and his partner were what they called at the time a JP203 unit, which meant Jefferson Parish and first responders to possible criminal calls. When they arrived, they spoke to the female complaintant, who indicated she had seen/heard someone "slinking around her property". They got through speaking to her and said they would then walk around the perimeter and see what they could see. At that same time, a K-9 unit arrived and alerted to something. As they rounded a corner, they saw a creature pinned up against the side of a home, then it took off running between two houses, then ran under a streetlight, then disappeared into a wooded marshy area near a canal, and vanished. Dogs lost the scent once it hit the marsh. The creature, as described above, was at least 8ft.+ in height, massively built, bipedal hominid type with dark hair, not fur, and walked across the 22' street in three strides. They got a very good look as it passed under the street light, and it was not running, so the observation was not a hurried one. The event covered 2 city blocks before it went into the marsh. The area was just a few blocks from Jefferson General Hospital, and the general area is bordered on three sides by various canals and on the north by the Mississippi River. If you check the coordinates, you will see it would be quite easy for someone/something to come and go, using the marshes and canal systems as cover. The following paragraph is a cut and paste response to my question of did he and his partner ever discuss this afterwards: "I remember that we talked about it some that night, but not much after, if at all. Understand that we were in a very active metropolitan area with a great deal of "first responder" activity. It was not uncommon for a unit like ours to handle 8-12 items per shift. Add the report writing time and deprogramming to the time I spent with my partner, there wasn't much opportunity to talk about anything beyond collaborating on and writing the shift reports. That night was so crazy, with the additional call at the hospital, we just worked through in sort of a state of submerged slow-motion, just doing what we had to do to make it to daylight ... which was pretty common back then. Seeing daylight meant we were still alive and would see our families for another day. The incident with the entity was officially reported in the records system of that jurisdiction. I remember that we did not emphasize the "subject" beyond describing it as "very tall, and dark in color, with no specific description of any clothing, etc". Because it wasn't wearing any clothes, and as I told you, in those days I had no idea what I was looking at. Our superiors knew from us verbally what we had seen. And then it was dropped. We handled many unexplainable incidents, as do police agencies now. The public just never hears about them. This is what I mentioned to you, about me going back 7 years later and not finding the reports. My partner died when he was just 37 years old, so we never had any chance to speak about anything again before he checked out. He was a quiet, no-nonsense guy who wasn't comfortable talking about a lot of the incidents we handled, including other "unexplainable" incidents." via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Tuesday, January 14, 2020