Alberta Woman's Chilling Bigfoot Encounters on Family Farm: Megan Moonchild's Story

Posted Sunday, May 19, 2024

By staff

A fascinating account of a possible Sasquatch encounter has recently surfaced on the YouTube channel, Bigfoot Society. The video, titled "We weren't alone at Grandpa's Cabin (Archive Episode) | Bigfoot Society 435," features an interview with Megan Moonchild, a woman from Northern Alberta who shares her multiple encounters with Bigfoot on her grandfather's farm. Megan describes feeling watched and having strange experiences while growing up on her family's farm. She recounts seeing lights in the woods, hearing unusual sounds, and even catching glimpses of eyes shining in the distance. Despite these eerie occurrences, Megan's grandfather took precautions to ensure their safety by keeping the woods away from the windows and installing bright lights around the property. The most compelling part of Megan's story takes place when she was just 12 years old, in 1999. She was asked by her grandmother to pick wild berries in a nearby cutline. As Megan and her dog, King, approached the area, King suddenly froze in fear. Megan then saw a large, black, hairy figure standing about 20-25 feet away. At first, she thought it was a black bear, but as the figure stood up on two legs, she realized it was much larger and more human-like than any bear she had ever seen. Megan describes the creature's hair as resembling human hair, long and silky, with gold-amber eyes that were incredibly piercing. The Sasquatch appeared to be in its prime, neither too old nor too young. Although initially surprised, the creature's expression quickly became neutral, and it did not show any signs of aggression. This captivating account of a potential Sasquatch sighting highlights the importance of sharing personal experiences and keeping an open mind about the existence of these elusive creatures. As Bigfoot believers, we encourage our readers to watch the video and share their thoughts on Megan's extraordinary encounter. You can find this video on the Bigfoot Society YouTube channel and become a part of the ongoing conversation about Sasquatch sightings and experiences. Remember, every new piece of information brings us one step closer to understanding the mysteries that surround these enigmatic beings.