Four Chilling Bigfoot Encounters: Carter County to Faulk, Arkansas

Posted Saturday, May 11, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Tattooed Biker Unexplained, four captivating true encounter stories with the elusive creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch are shared. These accounts, submitted by individuals who have had their own personal experiences, offer a unique and intimate look into the world of these mysterious beings. The first story comes from a man whose father claims to have seen Bigfoot in Carter County, Kentucky, near Carter Caves State Park. While hunting at dawn, the father spotted three of these creatures, one of which appeared to have a baby on its back. The creatures were all black or dark brown, with one having bits of gray, and were observed to be around 3 feet taller than a standard 10-foot high diving board. The father described their movements as human-like and noted that they didn't make any verbal sounds. After watching them for about a minute, he left the area, but the memory of the encounter stayed with him for the rest of his life. The second account takes us to Northern California, where a logging company had contacted professors from the University of Berkeley to investigate a large animal causing havoc in their camp. The father, who was stationed at the Ala Naval Air Station near San Francisco, offered his tracking skills to help. Upon arriving at the camp, they found several giant footprints and casted them. The workers took them to a fuel depot, where they discovered that something had walked up to and around the drums of diesel fuel, picking up one of the barrels and carrying it off towards a nearby ravine. That night, the group noticed eye shine outside the firelight, but despite the father's best efforts, he couldn't get close to the creature. The third story comes from a close friend of the video's curator, who had an encounter in Wayne, New Jersey, in 1998 or 1999. While sitting by a pool in the backyard, the family heard rustling in a nearby wooded area. Upon looking up, they saw a large, brown, gorilla-like creature perched on a branch, shaking another branch above it. After observing the creature for about a minute, it dissolved into the treetops and deeper into the woods. The family was left dumbfounded and unsure of what they had witnessed. The final story comes from Faulk, Arkansas, where the "Faulk monster" has a long history of sightings. The father of the video's curator shares his own encounter, which took place when he was just a child. He recalls seeing a large, hairy creature with glowing eyes in the woods near his home. The sightings in Faulk Arkansas are well documented and have a rich history. These stories, shared by those who have had firsthand experiences, offer a unique and fascinating look into the world of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. They serve as a reminder of the mysterious and elusive nature of these creatures and the enduring allure they hold for those who believe. Be sure to watch the full video on Tattooed Biker Unexplained's YouTube channel for more details on these captivating encounters.