Scientists Reveal Bigfoot's Unseen Powers and Abduction Threat

Posted Saturday, April 20, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from The Facts By Howtohunt .com, two scientists discuss the dangers, or lack thereof, that Sasquatch pose to humans. The conversation covers a range of fascinating topics, from the creatures' physical abilities to their potential use of portals for travel. One of the scientists, who goes by "Prof," explains that Bigfoot are of monstrous size, with mature males ranging in height from 7 to 14 feet tall and weighing around 850 pounds on average. He notes that they possess incredible strength and the ability to produce both infrasound and ultrasound, which can be weaponized. They are also able to cloak themselves or become invisible, instantly vanish and reappear, and have a phenomenal sight range. Perhaps most intriguingly, the scientists discuss the possibility that Bigfoot use portals to travel. They also mention the creatures' powerful telepathic abilities and their use of oral language, which they appear to use in addition to mental telepathy. The Bigfoot are able to communicate over vast distances and mimic any sound be it human or animal. The conversation also touches on the topic of abductions, with the scientists suggesting that young children who have mysteriously vanished and later been found alive and well may have been taken care of by a female Bigfoot. They also mention a case in which a young girl claimed to have been helped by a "big, hairy, black man" after being lost for two days. Overall, this video provides a wealth of interesting information and speculation about the abilities and behaviors of Sasquatch. It's well worth a watch for anyone interested in the subject.