Bigfoot Researcher's Data-Driven Approach to Proving Existence

Posted Saturday, April 20, 2024

By staff

A new video on the Penford Media YouTube channel offers valuable insights and advice for those looking to prove the existence of Bigfoot. The video, titled "PROVING BIGFOOT (2024) New Bigfoot Documentary," features a speaker sharing their experiences and knowledge on the subject. According to the speaker, proving the existence of Bigfoot is a challenging task, as scientists will require both a body and data. They suggest collecting as much data as possible, such as sightings, encounters, time and weather conditions, and food sources. The speaker also notes that observing Bigfoot for extended periods of time has been reported by hunters and others, with some sightings lasting up to 45 minutes to an hour. The speaker shares their own experiences of moving to the Hudson Valley of New York to research several different areas at once. They have identified a few hotspot areas and are focusing their time on these locations, visiting them consistently to gather data. One interesting point the speaker makes is the potential connection between Bigfoot and apple orchards. They mention a gentleman who captured a picture of a Sasquatch on his trail camera in Vermont at his apple orchard, and recent reports of Bigfoot sightings in apple orchards and cornfields. The speaker also encourages those researching Bigfoot to drive the roads and visit sighting locations, as well as to piece together information to make sense of why certain sightings occur in specific areas. Overall, this video offers valuable insights and advice for those looking to prove the existence of Bigfoot. By collecting data, observing and visiting sighting locations, and piecing together information, researchers can contribute to the ongoing efforts to prove the existence of this elusive creature. I am always excited to come across new videos and information on the subject. The insights shared in this video are informative and valuable, and I encourage all Bigfoot enthusiasts to check out the video and continue the search for this fascinating creature.