Vermont Bigfoot Sighting: Unveiling the Mystery with Jason War

Posted Saturday, April 20, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Haunted Vermont, hosts Alan and Jason discuss the elusive and fascinating topic of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Jason, the author of "The Vermont Encounters and Beyond," shares his knowledge and experiences with these mysterious creatures. As a former paranormal investigator, Jason's interest in Bigfoot grew over time. One notable case he discusses is the Vermont trail cam photo taken in 2012 by Frank Censky. The photo, which appears to show a large, dark figure with broad shoulders and a small head, has been analyzed and debated by experts and enthusiasts alike. Some believe it to be an owl, while others think it could be a Bigfoot carrying a young one. The photo even caught the attention of the show "Finding Bigfoot," which tried to debunk it but couldn't definitively prove what it was or wasn't. Jason also shares his thoughts on why Bigfoots seem to be attracted to apples. He suggests that apples are an easy and nutritious food source for these creatures, especially during their migrations. In New England, where there are four seasons, Bigfoots must plan accordingly and take advantage of food sources like apple orchards. When comparing Bigfoot sightings in Vermont to those in other parts of the US or the world, Jason notes that the creatures in New England don't differ significantly. However, the climate and availability of food sources can impact their behavior and habits. Throughout the video, Jason and Alan maintain an open-minded and respectful approach to the topic of Bigfoot, making it a fascinating watch for any enthusiast. Tune in to Haunted Vermont's YouTube channel to learn more about this intriguing subject and hear firsthand accounts from those who have encountered these mysterious creatures.