California to Texas: Bigfoot Researcher Monica Rollins' Unforgettable Encounters

Posted Friday, April 12, 2024

By staff

A fascinating interview with researcher Monica Rollins from the Bigfoot Society YouTube channel has recently been brought to my attention. Monica has been involved in Bigfoot research for over 22 years, and her experiences began in her childhood while spending summers in a remote area of Southwest Oregon. Monica's grandfather, who encouraged her interest in folklore and legends, played a significant role in her early fascination with Bigfoot. She recalls two or three incidents during her summers in Oregon that she now believes may have involved a Bigfoot. In one instance, Monica and her friends were playing on a log pile near a tree line when they heard something approaching and growling. The trees began shaking violently, causing the children to flee in terror. Monica, who was at the top of the woodpile, struggled to get down due to an injured foot. Although her friends were convinced it was a bear, Monica now doubts that explanation, as bears don't typically shake trees. Another encounter occurred when Monica and her cousins were walking down a dirt road near a creek. They heard a growl at ear level, which didn't sound like a bear to Monica. Her cousins, panicking, ran off screaming, leaving Monica and her brother to follow. Monica now believes that the growling may have come from a Bigfoot standing on its hind legs, as the sound was not low to the ground. These captivating stories from Monica Rollins provide a unique perspective on Bigfoot encounters and demonstrate the importance of sharing personal experiences within the Bigfoot research community. I strongly encourage you to watch the full interview on the Bigfoot Society YouTube channel to gain further insight into Monica's extraordinary journey.