Illinois Ranks 5th in Bigfoot Sightings: A&D Show with Sasquatch Expert Corey

Posted Friday, April 12, 2024

By staff

Bigfoot sightings are a fascinating topic, and it seems that Illinois is a hotbed for such encounters. According to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization, Illinois ranks fifth in the nation for credible Sasquatch sightings, with an average of over three sightings per year in the past 100 years. I recently came across a YouTube video from The A&D Show, where they had a special guest, Corey, a self-proclaimed Squatch expert. Corey has a PhD in squatchology and an MD in squatchitude, and he is also the pastor of the Church of the Squatch. During the episode, they discussed Sasquatch sightings in Illinois, and Corey shared some interesting insights. According to Corey, the first reported sighting of Bigfoot in Illinois was in Elizabeth, Illinois, in July 1929. A Kentucky paper published a story about a big gorilla hunt, and residents of Elizabeth observed a "big boy" wandering through the town. The animal was never determined, and its origin remains a mystery. More recently, a Sasquatch was seen by a motorist in Cass County, running along Route 78 near Beardstown. The motorist described the creature as being over seven feet tall, covered in dark hair, and moving quickly through the woods. The A&D Show also discussed the different classes of sightings, with Class A sightings being the most credible and involving clear observation of the creature. Class B sightings involve less clear observations, such as hearing vocalizations or finding footprints. Class C sightings are based on indirect evidence, such as finding broken branches or other signs of the creature's presence. Overall, it's exciting to see that Illinois has such a rich history of Sasquatch sightings. If you're interested in learning more, I encourage you to check out the video from The A&D Show and do your own research. Who knows, you might just have your own Sasquatch encounter! Excitement level: 7/10. It's always exciting to learn about new Sasquatch sightings and insights from experts in the field. The fact that Illinois is a hotbed for such encounters makes it even more intriguing!