Two People Chased Home During Target Practice, DNA From Hair Sample Was Supposedly "Unknown Primate"

Posted Saturday, September 14, 2019

By staff

BFRO Investigator John R. ...The witness and his friend were shooting BB guns at some old beer cans in a clearing near a freshly logged clear-cut, which was about a mile-and-a-half through the woods from his friend's house. They had been shooting for a couple of hours, and had packed up and started walking home when they heard a howl that sounded about a mile away. After about 5 minutes of walking they heard another howl like the first one, only this second howl was much closer. The closeness of the howl spooked them so they started jogging through the woods back to the friend's house. A minute or so later they heard a scream from something that sounded really big and was now very close to them. Something then started screaming and crashing through the woods towards them, so they dropped their guns and bolted towards the friend's house. They came out of the woods at full sprint and headed across an open field toward the house. When they came to a barbed wire fence in the middle of the field they dove over it. After the witness got to his feet and started running again for the house, he looked back and saw a large creature chasing them. The creature had long brownish-red hair, was very stocky, and was about 7 feet tall. It was pumping its arms and kicking up a lot of debris as it continued to scream at and chase the two boys. The boys made it to the house and locked the door, then ran upstairs. The creature was now outside the house and was screaming loudly and throwing things against the house. The witness said that the creature smelled like a dead possum. In addition to the flattened and dented garbage cans, the witness said that the creature broke out the kitchen window. The friend's father eventually came home, and found some hair on the fence during his survey of the damage that had occurred. He supposedly sent the hair to the University of Washington for DNA testing, which came back as an unknown primate, but the witness has lost track of his friend's family and this could not be verified. It is very probable that the witness and his friend encountered and were chased by an irate sasquatch that day near the Mountain Loop Highway. The Mountain Loop Highway has a long history of Bigfoot activity. via (Link: