Juvenile sasquatch spotted near Franklin Parker Preserve

From (Link: bfro.net) On June 20th at approximately 6:40 pm I was travelling on Route 563 south of Chatsworth near the Franklin Parker Preserve speedwell entrance. I was looking to see what the parking situation was there for a future hike so my eyes were on the right side of the road when out of the periphery I saw what I thought was a ground hog on the left. It was very large and I realized that it would have to be a huge ground hog so I looked fully to the left and I saw an approximate 3 to 3.5' tall creature stand up on two legs as I passed by. I did not get a good look at the face and I almost continued but I decided to turn around about 150 yards up on a dirt road that's on the right. I pulled in and turned around and headed back to the location. There is a bend in the road there. It bends around to the right on the way back as I made it past the bend, approximately 30 yards in front of me the creature was still there. It was now fully turned towards me and I could see that it looked like a cross between Curious George and the character Chaka from the land of the lost. It's face and hands as well as the tops of it's feet were hairless and a light tan in color. The fur it was covered with was a golden brown a little darker than a golden retriever, very much like the color of a groundhog. I could not see the nose. Wen I locked eyes with it I could not see whites just big dark brown eyes. It stood there for a second or two when I rounded the bend and then took off running back into the swampy area. It ducked behind a short bush and when I drove past it I could no longer see it. I turned the car around again and when I went by again it was gone. I waited there a bit to see if I could see anything moving in the field. I couldn't so I took off. It was a couple days before I shared the experience with my family and friends. In that period of time I thought for sure someone was going to report a missing kid in a Halloween costume. When the thing took off running it was fast! I would describe it as the fastest kid on the 10-12 baseball team. We had really bad storms that night and my commute was a disaster. It poured all through that area and I thought it was odd that the thing I saw appeared to be dry, at least the fur was.


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Posted Saturday, September 14, 2019